Arjunsinh Jadeja

I'm a versatile developer with an eye for design. Learning new technologies excites me. I've been computer savvy since childhood. Tweaking my smartphone led me into the world of app development. Since then I've been making apps and games.

Notable Projects


Elder Launcher

Accessibility App

Elder Launcher is an app which makes using an Android device easy for the elderly or first-time smartphone users. It allows quickly accessing favourite apps and contacts.


Prakarsh XIII App

Event App

The Prakarsh XIII App provides information about competitions & workshops in SVIT's college fest. Along with the front-end, I designed the back-end to access event data and register new users.


AyyStream (Concept)

Game UI & UX Design

AyyStream is a simulation game concept where the player manages a streaming service. The player can add Movies/Shows to their inventory and add new features in their app to lure new users.



Systemic Game Design

In MegaFight, NPCs (non-playable characters) are an active part of the game world as they interact with other characters. NPCs give the player quests dynamically based on events in the game world, like a character needing rescuing.



Web Game

Wasmball is a hypercasual game about evading red balls with simple one click/tap controls. This game uses new Unity Project Tiny runtime with DOTS under the hood. The game size is remarkably small, under 1 MB.